Quarterly Grant/Scholarship Winners!

Oct 1st, 2019 $500 grant winner: The Rescued Dog

Oct 1st. 2019 $500 grant winner: Heart n Soul Equine Assisted Therapy

Dec 31st 2019 $500 grant winner: True Blue Service Dog

Dec. 31st 2019 $500 grant winner: Ace’s Foundation

April 1st 2020 $500 grant winner: BITS (Back in the saddle)

April 1st 2020 $500 grant winner: Children’s Nature Retreat Foundation

Due to Covid-19, no 2nd Quarter grant was not distributed.

Oct. 1st 2020 $500 grant winner: ARC Animal Rescue

Dec 31st 2020 $500 grant winner: Labrador and Friends

April 1st 2021 $500 grant winner: CA. Labradors, Retievers & More


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